Recruitment solutions and temporary employment form the core of our services. As We Worq, we assist you to absorb the peaks and troughs and to give substance to the flexible layer. We do this with you, but above all together with you.

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We help companies meet their flexible workforce needs. Depending on your needs, we recruit candidates for your company and position and are responsible for the entire planning and remuneration process. We are an official employer; you have extra capacities and the daily management.

We know how to find the right people for positions that are difficult to fill. By educating people, we help to achieve a sustainable career together, so we offer people a career, instead of a job.

Why We Worq?

Our experience in building the flexible shell for companies is our area of ​​expertise. We think it is important to get to know both the client and the candidate. That is why our team is prepared for both groups. This is how we make the best match.

Specific knowledge and expertise are essential in the temporary employment market for offshore personnel. The focus of our services is therefore specifically in the offshore market segment.

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    About We Worq

    We Worq provides recruitment solution for the increasing gap in the offshore industry. We assist you with innovative, versatile and personalized selection and setting up the flexible shell.

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